Extra? Accessorize is my Attitude | Kaleido Series

Extra? Accessorize is my Attitude | Kaleido Series

The world has gone digital, what’s the next stage? Hologram and space travel? At the start of the century, everyone was so very excited by the dawn of a new era. Imaginations, ideas, and styles were flying everywhere, and all sounded whimsical. Now we have the technology to accomplish most of those fantasies, let’s relive the dawn of Y2K and celebrate the rebirth of an era.


Dream of millions of possibilities for the future, for your future. Draw your destinations in the most absurd visions. Celebrate the dawn of a new era with endless imagination. Discover infinite possibilities made of vibrant colors through a kaleidoscope, and explore the colorful future with Kaleido Series.


Digital Beaut

Colors are the wow factor! But popping colors are not enough to satisfy our need for accessorizing.  How could a kaleidoscope be without patterns and all that razzle-dazzle? This time we are blending the classic check with digital patterns, bringing you the hottest retro-futuristic glam there can be. Experiment with the combinations of color blocks and patterns. Discover the one that you want (or all! No one’s judging). Be the digital icon that you’ve dreamed of! Glitter is in your veins!




Perfectly Bling

How could we not accessorize and experiment with something new?  Decorate your Kaleido Series like you just can’t get enough of the bling. Well, who are we kidding, there can never be too much bling! It isn’t Y2K unless you have gotten yourself a shoulder bag. And Priestess is THE SHOULDER BAG that you want to go with. We sprinkle some modern magic on it, and now it comes with a jelly-translucent matte chain. To make it even cuter, we changed up the carabiner to little hearts to steal your heart. If you want more (how could you not?!), we present you with Jovial, the bag charm set. Put them up on your bags or bracelet to spark some more cheerfulness in your day.


Don’t You Rain On My Parade

Being the digital royalties that we are, there’s no way we would allow anyone to rain on our parade. Even if it does rain, Kaleido Series’s high spirit won’t be soaked, and the party goes on. Every single bag style in Kaleido Series is water-repellent and comes with padded internal smart device compartments. Keep your bags dry, and the content fresh. Shine as brightly as you can with your personality, keep your head high, and your crown on your head.



One can be digitalized and still be sustainable. Sustainable isn’t just minimalism, maximalism can also be sustainable. Kaleido Series is made of REPREVE® polyester, in other words, recycled plastic bottles. The bag styles with leather trimmings are made with recycled leather trimming, making full use of every piece of leftover leather material. As for those without leather trimmings, like Lighthouse, Florence, Plus One Mini, Priestess, and Jovial, they are entirely vegan, causing no harm at all to animals. Celebrate lavishly, but keep sustainability in mind.




YOLO Pack Your Dream Now

You only live once, embrace the fear of missing out and pack your dreams now. Set off your dreamy journey and bring Kaleido Series with you on the road. Check out our official website for the latest series and articles.

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