Fluffing up for the winter cold | Fluffy Series

Fluffing up for the winter cold | Fluffy Series

Even in the coldest months and darkest of nights, life still finds a way to flourish.


Winter’s First Bloom

In the freezing winter months, it feels like the perfect time to stay at home and wrap up with blankets by the fireplace. Although staying in may be the only desired place to be, don’t let the weather limit your imagination. Have a warm journey with our Fluffy Series, your softest and warmest on-the-road solution. Fluffy Series’ pastel color palette will definitely attribute to your warmth and fussiness in the colder months of the year. Warm your heart and body with a bit of fluffiness in the cold. Fluffy Series is like your personal willow flower in the cold winter, the harbinger dream of spring and what’s to come. Keeping you warm and hopeful


Casual Day Out - Macaroon Tiny

Macaroon Tiny is the shrunken version of Doughnut’s signature bag. It’s as cute as it can get. Covered with polyester fleece, it can’t be more perfect during the colder days. Hold it with both hands, and it’ll provide the warmth you need. This crossbody bag is for your everyday routine. You can not only trust it with warming up your day, but also to carry all your essentials around on a day out.




Take Me to Shop - Punnet

Even a simple shopper can make your day goes brighter and warmer. Punnet is like a little snow rabbit, cute and fluffy, and definitely can survive the cold weather. Punnet can hold its shape even with hefty contents within. If you want it to look even cuter, tuck one handle into another, to form a cute little bento bag. Take punnet on all your shopping days to better protect your new trophies and goods on more than your grocery runs.




Light in the Dark - Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a beacon in the winter, a beacon with soft, fluffy, and cute glow. It’s not only a small adorable backpack, it can also transform into a crossbody bag. You can trust Lighthouse to brighten up your day with its soft pastel glow. Make use of all the multifunctional slots in and out for storage and puff up this little cutie. Bring Lighthouse out on a day out or a casual evening out to be someone else’s beacon of light.



Treasure in Your Palm - Gleam

There are times that we only wish to take as little as possible going out, Gleam is your solution on colder days. You can safely store your phone, cards, and keys in it, and you can use it as a hand warmer. It’s a compact little ready-to-go bag, trust all its multifunctional slots and front pocket to store your belongings safely. And the fleece can act as a buffer cushion to protect your valuables!



Pack Your Dream with Doughnut

Bring your Fluffy Series bags on all your dreamy journeys. Check out our official website for the latest series and articles.

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