Hone the Gifts, Keep Up with the Climb | The Actualise Series

Hone the Gifts, Keep Up with the Climb | The Actualise Series

Although it is essential for us to keep improving, let us not forget how far we have come. The Actualise Series is a series that celebrate your past achievements. 

The Actualise Series is the newest DN Black launch. DN Black is a branch of Doughnut Official, that specializes in more functional bag styles in darker cool tones. If DN Black is for the mature and professional, The Actualise Series is for those who are dedicated to perfecting their skills and creating a better self.

Keeping it Tough

Like life is a journey of trial and error, we just have to keep on pushing through, keep on with what we have, and hopefully be stronger than we were. The Actualise Series is made to last. 420D NylonPlus® and 1680D heavy-duty polyester are specifically chosen to create this series. These fabrics are made to be dragged through the harshest of environments and still survive. No matter if you are facing known challenges or storms that you could not weather, The Actualise Series will be there for you, and believe that you will come out stronger than ever.

Keeping it Neat

Self-discipline is crucial for self-improvement. One who keeps themselves disciplined keeps their tools neat. The Actualise Series has a range of bag styles. No matter how compact or spacious, The Actualise Series is one that allows you to keep your belongings organized and accessible. For this series, there are plenty of storage spaces internally and externally for each bag style. Nowadays it is a common practice for us to keep pieces of information online. The Actualise Series has designed spaces specifically for your smart products, so you will never lose them in the depths of your bags. You will able to keep things separate like your agenda.

Keeping it Safe

The journey of life has its up and downs, and sometimes we have to get through risks and danger. Although adventure and growth don’t guarantee safety, The Actualise Series can always ensure your belongings’ safety. The Actualise Series is highly water-repellent. Not only that the fabrics are water-repellent, but the zippers are also water-repellent as well. It will be helping you to get through literal storms, solely focusing on yourself, and not having to worry about the safety of your belongings. It is troublesome when electronics get soaked or fall out accidentally. With The Actualise Series, you don’t have to worry about losing your laptop or tablet, for each bag style has a designated compartment to ensure your smart device’s safety. 

Keeping it Sustainable

Having altruistic goals is also a form of self-improvement. You are no longer just looking for physical enjoyment, but mental fulfillment as well. Have you thought of helping out with the environment while carrying out your dreams? This is your chance to do so. Every product in this series is not only made from  NylonPlus®, meaning recycled ocean waste nylon, but they are also vegan as well. This series helps with keeping the ocean clean by weaving ocean waste, such as used fishnets and bottles, into highly protective fabrics. You will be able to keep your eyes on the goal and your belongings safe in the bag while helping out with the environment by choosing sustainability.

Keep it Up with the Climb

It is important to keep your head forward, and not to look too much into the past. But it is also important for you to take a breather and appreciate all the accomplishments you have made throughout the years. Compared to where you have started, you have already traveled a long way and made your marks on the road. You have looked at challenges in the face and gotten through them. Keep in mind that you are the best version of yourself yet, and you will keep improving.

Keep packing your dream

Bring your The Actualise Series bags on all your dreamy journeys. Keep in mind that you have earned your success through hardship. Check out our official website for the latest series and articles.

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