Upcycle Circles the Cycle | Doughnut x Midwest Vintage Series

Upcycle Circles the Cycle | Doughnut x Midwest Vintage Series

Allow the history of every piece of fabric to sink in. Let that part of history flows in you. Behind every collage, there’s at least a story to tell.

Story Behind the Collaboration

Doughnut and Midwest Vintage are both fashion brands that have faith in a sustainable fashion. Even though the two brands have distinctively different aesthetics and direction, we want the same future for fashion, a sustainable one. Denim is such a durable and versatile material, and we think vintage denim wear can be more than just vintage denim wear. It can merge with other elements. Creating an upcycled series in form of remaking deconstructed clothing and vintage wear mixing with new fabrics. We are hoping this collab series would help lengthen the lifespan of fabrics.

What makes it sustainable?

Midwest Vintage, as a vintage wear store that takes pride in its denim goods, has plenty of denim fabric to offer. Midwest Vintage has a lot of denim jackets and jeans in stock, therefore denim is their first choice when it comes to upcycling. Doughnut strengthens the design with water-repellent features, to make the design even more durable. The versatile design also allows the series to accommodate various occasions. Durability and versatility are the key features we look for when we are talking about sustainability. After all, we desire a product that can do all and last for ages. We are hoping that by upcycling, we can not only keep the life cycle of fabrics going, but also the circle of life going.

Upcycled Denim

Recycling is something we all have been participating in. And this time, we wanted to use upcycling to present something “old” as something new, with new knowledge and techniques. Making the most out of materials that are just put aside in a corner. Topping this eco-friendly ideal off with a unique design concept, and that’s our collab series. Washing techniques have diverse results on denim. There is a spectrum of denim shades. Hence, we use a methodical collage for the bag styles and Kimono in our collab series, making each item in this very series unique.

Special Collab Features

Doughnut and Midwest Vintage present this sustainable series remixing the signature features of both Doughnut and Midwest Vintage. Midwest Vintage is known for its uniqueness and denim and Doughnut bags are always known for their water-repellent feature and durability. We have put together Midwest Vintage’s one-of-a-kind collages into the blank canvas of Doughnut’s bag, keeping each item as light as possible and as stylish as they can be. We have also integrated Macaroon’s storage panel into one of Midwest Vintage’s signature products, Kimono. Making Kimono not only stylish but also more functional. Since each and every item in this series is one-of-a-kind, the series is a limited edition.


Pack Your Sustainable Dream

Bring along Doughnut x Midwest Vintage series items on your sustainable journey, looking as stylish as one can be. Check out our official website for the latest series. 

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